Vegetarian Food Stories

About Anny Eats


Hi, I am Anny, a Dutch born Chinese raised in a vegetarian household.

I have been vegetarian for all of my life.

My passion for vegetarian and vegan food and my desire to make eating delicious vegetarian and vegan food more accessible led me to start this food blog.

When I was a little girl, we barely had any options for alternatives to vegetables (e.g. vegetarian burgers) in the supermarket. Also, eating out in restaurants was not really exciting, most of the time our only options were fries, goat cheese salad or pizza margarita.

It is so encouraging to see that the vegetarian/vegan food scene has evolved so much in the past decade. There are a lot of options out there now, but delicious vegetarian/vegan food is still not always easy to find. I hope to make that more accessible to you through ‘Anny Eats’.

‘Anny Eats’ brings you vegetarian and vegan food stories including reviews of restaurant/foodspots, recipes and products. Come explore these stories with me and follow me on Instagram!