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Foodspot Review – Europizza (Amsterdam)

Are you an adventurous pizza-lover or more traditional? I am more of a traditional type when it comes to pizza (you know, growing up as a vegetarian, I was lucky to have a pizza margherita on the menu), BUT – Europizza in Amsterdam Noord has definitely made me more adventurous. Wanna find out how adventurous? Keep scrolling.

At a glance 

  • Location: Amsterdam (Noord) 
  • Cuisine: Italian with a modern twist
  • Price: 13-15 euro per pizza
  • Rating: 8/10


This restaurant is located in Amsterdam Noord. As I mentioned in my previous Amsterdam Noord hotspot (Hotel Goudfazant), this area is “a combination of sophistication with yet a down-to-earth twist and a dash of confusion”.

Europizza fits this area for sure, it is a pizza drive wine bar, mostly nature wines (if you are into that).

They have a simple terrace on their parking spot. The inside of the restaurant is cosier and more modern.

Champagne and pizzas!

This time, the firm and I had a take-away and enjoyed it on our rooftop terrace to celebrate a special occasion. Pizza and champagne, it was perfect. Even more perfect, we ordered all vegetarian pizza’s, yay!

The food

Adventurous pizza’s goodness

Europizza is known for its wood oven cooked pizza and they have a different menu every week. I really love this, as it allows restaurant to experiment and cook with vegetables that are really in season. I had their pizzas a couple of times, and it was a different pizza every time.

The first and my favourite one of the night – different colours beef tomatoes (the really huge tomato) with burrata mozzarella and fresh basil. This was so delicious, the combination of flavours was so lovely. And I mean, look at the visual of this pizza. The dough was really amazing as well, you could taste the ‘wood’ of the oven, but yet it was still soft and airy!

The second one is topped not so traditionally: chicory, cheese and roasted hazelnuts pizza. I would have never thought this would work so well! The crunch of the hazelnuts really complimented the softness of the chicory.

The third one was – of course not so traditional: rhubarb, blue cheese and water cress pizza. I am personally not a fan of blue cheese, so I didn’t think this was that special, but my colleagues loved it.

The staff

The staff is always friendly and greets you with a smile. They do not deliver, but they are always quick when you order a take-away by phone.

We had a take-away this time, but this is a shot of the inside of the restaurant that I took some time ago, to give you an idea.

Final verdict 

8/10. Delicious out-of-the-box pizzas in Amsterdam Noord with lots of vegetarian options! This place definitely made my palette more adventurous. Unfortunately, they don’t deliver, but they are really quick when you ring them with a take-away order. The staff is quick and friendly, and the Amsterdam Noord vibe is definitely a plus. Will keep coming back!


Address: Gedempt Hamerkanaal 79, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


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