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Foodspot review – Istanbullu Baklava Patisserie – The Hague

Baklava – a party of crunchy filo and pistachios, and of course one of the pillars of the Turkish cuisine.

Perks of living/working in the ‘Randstad’ is that there are plenty of bakery shops in reach selling these little treasures.

However – good baklava is hard to find in the Netherlands. Either the dough is not crunchy or there are very little pistachios included or the baklava is too sweet.

Is Istanbullu Baklava a gamechanger? Let’s find out.

At a glance

  • Type of cuisine: Turkish
  • Location: The Hague, Meyerstraat 11
  • Price: from 1,40 euro a piece.

Istanbullu Baklava

Istanbullu Baklava was founded in 2020 as a family business. According to their website their reason to open this patisserie is that they noticed that the quality of baklava had been declining more and more in recent years in The Netherlands. With Istanbullu Baklava, they aim to change this by making “the real traditional Turkish baklava from only the best ingredients and prepared in a traditional way, but in a modern jacket”.



The baklava is delicious. And honestly, one of the best I had in The Netherlands. The dough is super crunchy but still very airy. There is an abundance of good quality pistachios which makes a big difference. And the baklava is overall not too sweet.

Indeed, they managed to present traditional baklava also in a modern way. I choose a medium size box with different types of baklava, including traditional, pistachios rolls, chocolate and almond coconut.

My favourite is the pistachio roll and the traditional baklava. My friend loved the chocolate one and the traditional one.


The lady that helped me pick out the different baklavas was really friendly and knowledgeable about their products. She worked quickly and was also happy to answer my questions about the products.


The store has a warm and cosy vibe to it and has big windows in the front letting lots of light in. The store is divided in a patisserie section and a café section. Currently the café section is closed because of COVID lockdown, but hopefully they can open that section soon.

I surely can imagine myself sitting in the café section getting some work done on my laptop whilst enjoying a nice cup of coffee with a piece of baklava.

Final verdict  

4.5/5 stars. The baklava was delicious and the pistachios were really good quality. I like they have a variety to choose from without losing sight of the traditional baklava. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

The price is on the higher end. The different baklavas have different prices ranging from 2,00-3,00 euro per 100 gram which averages out about 1,40 euro per piece. I paid about 18 euros for a medium box with 13 baklavas.

It’s definitely a treat. It would make a nice gift when visiting a friend.

I would def visit Istanbullu Baklava again!


Note: Parking (paid) is quite challenging in their street as there are only parking spots for disabled people. In the streets around the store you may have more luck.