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Foodspot Review – Le Petit Café and Boulangerie – Gothenburg

When in Sweden, do as the Swedes do. That is exactly what I did. After strolling around all afternoon in the old town of Gothenburg (Haga area), it was time to pick a spot to FIKA!

I hear you think – what is a Fika? Can you eat it? Yes and no.

Fika is in short, a coffee and cake break in the afternoon. But – I have been told Fika is actually more of a state of mind. Fika is a delightful Swedish ritual to make time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee (or tea) and have a little something to eat. You can either Fika in the morning around 10ish or in the afternoon around 3ish.

In short, take a break, enjoy a coffee/tea with some food and socialize! Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Colorful Gothenburg

At a glance 

  • Type of cuisine: Austrian, French and Swedish
  • Location: Gothenburg (Sweden)
  • Price: from 5 euro for a pastry/cake and approx. 4 euro for a coffee.
  • Rating: 8/10

It was the perfect time to have stumbled on the Le Petit Café & Boulangerie around 3 in the afternoon in the old town of Gothenburg. The café has a nice terrace outside with about 6 tables, pillows and afternoon sunrays.

It did not look flashy, but its authentic and warm nature pulled me in, I thought yes, that is the perfect Fika spot!

Le Petit Café & Boulangerie has a lovely and warm nature vibe to it. There were wooden chairs and tables, green wall paper with collages of pretty exotic birds and butterflies on it. The ‘old / worn out’ look of the wooden tables and the different types of chairs made it feel cozy. And as I mentioned earlier, the café also has a nice terrace.

The food

Le Petit Café & Boulangerie serves a selection of homemade Austrian, French and Swedish pastries, coffees, pastas and salads. They are open from breakfast until dinner. Everything was stalled out and looked so inviting:

Cakes, salads, dips and couscous party.


Look at those pastries!

I wanted to taste everything, but I had to compose myself as we had dinner plans later. In the end, after staring (for prob too long) I choose the traditional apple cake with a big cappuccino.

It was one of the best apple cakes I have had in a long time. The big chunks of apples were soft, but not mushy, the seasoning was balanced with just the right amount nutmeg and cinnamon and the cake itself was not overly sweet.

The cappuccino was delicious as well, great temperature and the right amount of milk foam.

Having this delicious afternoon snack on the terrace with the sun in my face was definitely the highlight of the day.


The staff was friendly and quick, but they do not serve you at your table. You have to order inside, wait for the food and bring it to the table yourself. No biggie.

Final verdict

8/10. The apple cake was an absolute dream, great textures and flavours. The prices were average to Sweden standards. A nice Fika spot in the old town of Gothenburg.


Address: Haga nygata 2, Gothenburg, Sweden


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