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I am Anny, a food blogger.

Located in The Netherlands, I enjoy eating vegetarian food.

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Foodspot Review – Pizzabakkers (The Hague) Foodspot Review – Pizzabakkers (The Hague)

  Freshly made brick oven pizza and champagne? Yes please! At a glance  Location: The Hague (City centre) Cuisine: Italian Price: about 35 euro for a 3 course meal Rating: 8.5/10 Pizzabakkers The Hague I was so lucky to have won this dinner via my fellow foodie My Happy Kitchen. Pizzabakkers is in the city […]

Recipe – Vegan Kimchi Pancake Recipe – Vegan Kimchi Pancake

Vegan kimchi pancake Kimchi stole my heart many years ago. The perfect sourness, spiciness filled with good bacteria that compliments all rice and noodle dishes. I have been making my own vegan version at home for a long time, will share that journey with you too! But first, kimchi pancakes! This is such a lovely main […]

Foodspot Review – Xi An Delicious Foods (The Hague) Foodspot Review – Xi An Delicious Foods (The Hague)

Good noodles make me the happiest, freshly made hand pulled noodles even more so. When one of my Chinese friends (and fellow noodles lover) highly suggested me to try Xi’An Delicious Foods, I of course could not ignore his expert opinion. So was it really that good? At a glance  Location: The Hague Cuisine: Chinese […]

Foodspot Review – Circolo Popolare (London) Foodspot Review – Circolo Popolare (London)

Looking for a romantic and cosy Italian restaurant in the Soho area of London (that also surrounds you with alcohol, yes lots of it)? Then Circolo Popolare is the place to be! At a glance  Location: London Cuisine: Italian food Price: approx. 3-14 pound per starter, 15-20 pounds per main and 7-10 pound per dessert. […]

Foodspot Review – Café Martinot (Amsterdam) Foodspot Review – Café Martinot (Amsterdam)

Don’t you love a good food surprise? I luckily stumbled on this authentic and insanely delicious Israeli food between museums! Yes, for real, it was like an Israeli food dream, but even better. Because the dishes were fresher and tastier than I had expected. This Amsterdam hotspot I am gushing about is Café Martinot near […]